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The hireCentral talent and career network (hireBio, hireRx, hireMedical, hireNursing) has changed the way health care professionals manage their careers, and the way firms find qualified individuals.

Firms have instant access to thousands of qualified individuals in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

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A Growth Industry

If you're a health care professional (or are considering a transition into the industry), there are significant opportunities for career growth:

Because of an aging population, approximately 1.7 million nurses will be needed in the United States, but low recruitment will leave only 650,000 qualified individuals practicing.
Growth in health care positions will surpass 25% through 2006.
Total employment in the pharmaceutical industry will increase by 23 percent through 2005 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 
The number of U.S. biotech companies has increased to over 1,500, while the number of employees nearly doubled from 79,000 in 1993 to nearly 115,000 in 1999 (Ernst & Young). 
Increased specialization in medical roles will drive training and recruitment at health care organizations.

Eliminate The Pain

Though hiring growth is clear, the aggregate picture disguises how the occupational structure of the health care and biomedical industries are changing, the skills needed, and the specialties that will grow and those that will decline.

This has made it difficult to find the right person for the right position, and to ensure candidates have the required skills. Hiring managers have traditionally lacked tools to manage the recruitment and training process. In addition, effective tools for career management have been sparse.

hireCentral is a unique service that understands the importance of talent and skill acquisition. We match firms with qualified candidates for career opportunities, and provide employers a process to recruit, communicate with, train, and evaluate their entire staff.

For candidates, we provide career management resources such as job opportunities, articles, e-learning tools, and industry-specific resources.

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